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Create your own Personal Web Space with Linkr!

Making an central "About Me" page has never been so simple! Sign up to make your Online profile, more you! You only need to tell us your names. Twitter name, Facebook Alias, Google+ Alias. We do the rest.

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Keep all your social media in one place, and give everyone your Linkr address.

What we are:

Linkr is an online Social Network Management service. Sign up , and get your own web address. Customise the feel and layout, set your Social Network information, and share everything about you from one simple web address! We even provide some HTML code for your web-site. You maintain the links, and no one ever see out of date information again.

What we offer:

• Social Network Management
• Free to use service
• Linkr is a Social Network Calling Card & Contact Page
• Easy to share - we provide the code, with no restriction
• Easy to use & embed in your web-site, forum or email signature
• Replace all your Social Network buttons with one button
• You only ever have to manage your Social Network information in one place
• Never have an out of date link again. You update the links as they change
• Posting comments on blogs? use your Linkr ID and have people search for it on
• You can update us. Contact us if we are missing something you want to see!
• Analytics to track your visitors
• Set Linkr as your browser homepage, and have use it as a launch pad to all your Social Networks

Why not sign up today, and make your personalised web address, personal.